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One of the best ways to inspect a property or take beautiful pictures of it for marketing purposes is through aerial photography. You must have seen throne pictures taken from a distance that is quite not possible with a regular camera. Pictures and Videos taken from a drone give you a full picture of things. They make it easy to see hard to reach places. Image Drone Photography takes professional high quality pictures that can be used for various purposes. If you are looking to get drone photography done, give us a call today.


About Image Drone Photography

Image Drone Photography is a licensed drone photographer. We have been in this business for more than five years now. Our skilled professionals know how to operate the drone to get the best pictures possible. For us taking care of your privacy is essential and giving images that you love is our priority. No matter what purpose you want to use the drone photography for, we will do it for you. With drone photography you don’t need to hire people to get on ladders, on high rise buildings or use expensive means such as a crane to inspect or take pictures from a height. Everyone stays safe when you use drones for taking pictures. Our modern drones carry high resolution cameras and take pictures in the highest resolution possible.

We have helped thousands of clients inspect their commercial and residential properties through an aerial view. Whether it is a suburban house or a high rise building or an office, drone images can inspect the windows on the top, the roof, etc and get a bird’s eye view of the whole thing. This makes it easier to spot any discrepancies without being physically present at the area. Once you have located the issue, you can inspect it closely. Drone inspections take a lot less time and are affordable too as compared to other methods for the similar job.

Professional Drone Photography Company

Image Drone Photography provides a range of services that you might need. One of the most common reasons why people hire us is for inspection purposes. We also film drone shots for marketing purposes.

If you are looking to photograph real estate to attract more customers, our company makes sure to take as many good pictures as possible. Our high camera resolution makes the photos and videos aesthetic. They make everything in the frame look clear for both in print form as well as digitally.

Our Services

Inspection Services – We do all sorts of drone inspection services. If you need an inspection of your roof for a commercial or residential building, we can do that. We can inspect areas in an industrial setting. If you need us to check your HVAC system, your AC unit, your electric lines, pipelines, phone or internet towers, etc. We have the experience and the right cameras for a close up inspection for various parts of your property. We also do construction inspection where we inspect if everything is going right. An aerial view can reveal a lot of things that otherwise you would miss. Our high quality cameras make everything easy. Our experienced drone pilots can get as close to the item to be inspected as possible. When you need a reliable drone photography company to give you inspection service by drone imagery, give us a call.

Pipeline Inspection – Maintenance is a must for pipelines whether it is water, oil or gas. You might be losing valuable utilities if there is a leak of any problematic areas in the pipeline. Our aerial inspection through a drone helps industrial as well as residential properties to get a thorough inspection. Our drone pilot has experience in inspecting pipelines. They can check the whole pipeline system and the various terrains it runs through. We can also inspect pipelines in remote areas where manual inspection could be trough. For example, inspection of pipes in oil rigs, pipelines on high tanks, etc. Where there are various techniques of inspection, using drones is one of the most affordable ones. Through inspection will make it very hard to miss any issues in the pipeline. We could record the whole inspection video so you can watch it thoroughly and inspect any issues there might be. Discovering issues when they are small will make your pipelines last a long time.

Industrial Inspection – Industries need proper inspection for it’s smooth working. A small issue could lead to big accidents on an industrial level. We provide industrial inspection by drone for manufacturing industries, warehouses, storage houses and assembly houses. Visual inspection can discover a lot of things that digital data will not provide. Whether it is electric components, cell towers, water tanks, boilers, AC units, and roofs are some of the things we inspect through a drone. Inspection can save you from big accidents from happening. If you fear there is a shock circuit in the powerline, or a broken line somewhere, drone inspection can locate it much faster than any other form of inspection.

Roof Inspection – If you are looking to inspect your roof, drone inspection is the best. It is much easier, no one has to climb the roof and you can get inspection at much affordable rates especially for commercial roof inspections. We inspect roofs of industrial buildings, office buildings as well as residential buildings. Drone can locate leaks, broken tiles, dirty gutters, moss and mildew development on the roof. If you want to get a gist of services you need to perform on your roof before you hire a roofing company, getting inspection through a drone can be a great idea. We have drone operators who can go close to the roof and get clear images of it. We will not leave a single inch of your roof when we film. You can see the videos and personally inspect your roof. No need to believe a roofing company’s words when you can see your roof for yourself.

Construction Inspection – Drone at a construction site for inspection can help you in many ways. Construction companies can use drones to monitor the progress of the work, especially for a big construction site. Topographic surveys is another thing that you can use it for. You could map the site for measurements. Surveillance of the construction site can also make sure the safety of the people working. With drone surveillance you can improve the productivity of the workers and make sure the work is completed within time. You can see stockpiles through drone inspection and remove them as needed. Drone does multiple things for a construction site and if you need a professional company to inspect your construction site let us know. We are here to help to the full of our capacity.

Real Estate Marketing – If you need real estate marketing done right, drone images and videos are the best way to go. You can take amazing pictures from above. You will be able to capture the whole scenery, the building structure and it makes it easy to attract more customers. We will take high quality images that you could use for your marketing campaign. You could show these images to prospective customers or put them on your website to get people interested to buy your real estate. Many people are more interested in the topography, the whole view than the interior, for them drone images are the way to go. You could also add videos taken of the property from a drone. In our experience we have seen people getting more interested in buying properties that have had a proper drone photographic and drone videography. It is the first thing people’s eyes go to. It shows the whole property at once instead of parts by parts. It makes it easier for the customer to visualise the area without physically seeing it for themselves. Let us know if you need us to film the best quality drone images of your real estate property.

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If you are looking for a company that has experience and the knowledge of high quality filming, photography with a drone, you have come to the right place. We have obtained expertise in the field. We make sure to do the job right by getting you clear pictures that you can use for inspection purposes. For each kind of service we understand what the customer wants and we will customise the images and videos accordingly. For example, if you need a close up of a roof to see if the metal roof is not rusting or the paint is peeling off or not, you will need the pictures to be close to the roof. 

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