Drone Pipeline Inspection

Pipelines can have various damages. Damages such as leaks, dents, rusted parts, ruptures, tears and welding defects can lead to leaking of the material flowing through the pipelines.

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If the pipes are used for gas transport, such leaks can have catastrophic effects. Gas leaks are one of the main causes of fires. They can completely destroy properties, take lives and waste a lot of gas. Damages in water pipes can cause flooding and water wastage which is also a serious concern for any government or private organisation. Early detection of minor issues can help in avoiding big accidents from happening. They can also help prevent thousands of dollars of utility wastage. The biggest obstacle to this critical activity comes from the need to inspect large delivery networks and these pipelines frequently travel across varied terrain. There are different methods that the industry has developed to track these pipelines, but they are also labor-intensive and cost-intensive to deploy. Drone inspection is one of the most effective ways of inspecting large stretches of pipelines.

To ensure the safety and consistency of the pipelines in the region, appropriate action should be taken. Several invasive and non-intrusive approaches have historically been used, including physical examination, acoustic resonance and ultrasound screening. In addition to inspecting the pipeline itself, the use of drones for pipeline inspection is a non-intrusive tool for tracking the environmental conditions along the delivery network. The aerial view allows wide areas of varied terrain to be protected and to enter areas inaccessible to humans. There are some other advantages, including cost-effectiveness, different uses, shortened scanning time, operational protection and eco-friendliness.

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If you need drone inspection for your pipeline system, let us know. Imagine Drone Photography are the best drone operators to work for our clients. Our affordable and high quality inspection techniques have been recognised as one of the best in the state.

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