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One of the most frequent sources of household water damage comes from leaky roofs. At least twice a year, and for any storm or extreme weather occurrence, you can get a roof inspection completed.

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To check the roof, you don’t have to contact a roofing firm, you might employ Imagine Drone Photography to have a look at your roof by yourself to see the roof condition. It’s easy, quick, and cost-efficient. So you will recognise the state of your roof and know whether it is appropriate to do any maintenance work or whether it is time to rebuild your roof. If you need a roof inspection that is safe and effective, call us. We can be as close to your roof as needed to get a clear picture of your roof.

Our company does roof inspections for commercial and residential roofs. We use some of the best drones and cameras along with it to take pictures and videos of your roof for inspection purposes. Without using a ladder or a belt, you can get up close and personal. Image Drone Imaging allows you to obtain high-quality pictures of your roof. Moreover, by not stepping on it and compromising it anymore, you will be doing the roof a favor. The less you walk up there, the better for the roof, and the cleaner for yourself. Cracked patches of caulk or rust while flickering. We will help you check the buckling, curling, or blistering or damaged or broken shingles. Cracked and worn rubber boots around vent pipes, broken or destroyed chimney cover, etc, would be tested. It is nice to have an annual roof checkup, but issues will arise at any time. Dark patches on walls, peeling paint on the underside of roof overhangs, damp spots alongside fireplaces are the early signs of trouble.

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On pipes that vent the water heater or boiler, water stains. If a roofing firm does not trust you to do an inspection, contact us to check it on your own. For peace of mind, have a drone inspection completed whether the roof is old or there has been a storm with strong wind or hail.

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